Monday, June 13, 2016

Final Reflection

Throughout my journey in exploring the world of photography, I have learned how to think outside the box and to be more adventurous. Photography has made me look at the world in so many new and unique ways. I feel like this semester was a challenge for me in photography to get all of my assignments done for the reason that the stress of Junior year took up the majority of my time, from the ACT to finals and everything in between. Aside from the hectic clutter, I still really enjoyed the overall art of my photographs. My favorite assignment ended up being the one that I was a little unsure about to begin with, Minimalistic Photography. Initially, I was a little confused, how can you take a photo with so little detail or subject and make it beautiful? Thinking outside the box... Positioning the camera in a different way, manipulating the subject and making it more unique. Photography is not simply a subject and a shot, it's what you do with the subject that makes photography art. If I were to redo a project, it would have to be Whimsy. I don't think I understood how to take a photo and make it a look unique in a whimsical way. I was unsure of whether to take a literal route and make it completely crazy, or to take my photos on a "Whim" where I could take photos of anything and everything. If I could redo it, I still personally don't know how I would approach the project, but I know I would try harder that time around. For future photographs, I'll probably be more mindful of camera positioning and subject positioning, I would also be more mindful of the actual camera settings. Before photography, if you asked me to take a picture, the camera would probably be set to auto and I would just snap it and there you go, now I have a better understanding of the different functions of the camera, that helps take an average photo and makes it great.

To a non-photographer, I would probably tell them that Light is the most important aspect of photography. Light is something that can be easily manipulated but can easily make or break a photograph. Too much exposure causes you to lose detail, but too little may cause the picture to appear fuzzy. Knowing your camera and it's functions will help you strive so much more as a photographer, this is something that I had to learn the hard way. The time of day is another important aspect, which goes along with light, for photography. Personally, my favorite time of day to shoot photographs would have to be sunset. The Golden Hour, creates such beautiful and even majestic photographs. Although timing has to be perfect, the finished product is so worth it. Taking a good photograph takes practice, I'll admit. So, work on your timing, evaluate the lighting, and focus on the subject and that photograph will be great. Remember, photography is what you make of it. A good photograph is what you believe to be good. You can take a blurry poorly lit photo, and it can still be beautiful, and that's what I love most about photography.

Friday, May 27, 2016

Light Box 2 & 3

 Original 1
 Edited 1
Black & White 1 
 Original 2
 Edited 2
Black & White 2
 Original 3
 Edited 3
Black & White 3
 Original 4
 Edited 4
Black & White 4
 Original 5
 Edited 5
Black & White 5
 Original 6
 Edited 6
Black & White 6
 Original 7
 Edited 7
Black & White 7
 Original 8
Black & White 8
 Original 9
 Edited 9
Black & White 9
 Original 10
 Edited 10

Black & White 10

Monday, May 23, 2016

Light Box


Black & White


Black & White



Black & White

Black & White